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She works hard for the money

August 27th, 2011 at 06:06 am

Since I came back from holiday everyone else at the shop has decided they want to go on holiday. So I'm getting extra hours next month. Keep on stashing the cash.

This is the way we earn our pay

October 1st, 2010 at 06:06 am

Today is the day of the big tax changes, hailed by our Minister of Finance as the most important in 25 years. Goods and services tax goes up 2 and 1/2%, and income tax is lowered, in my case the bracket goes down 3 and 1/2%. With an income of less than nz$20,000 pa I really don't expect to see much significant difference.

The govt says this is being introduced bacuse it is fairer, I suspect, as I grow more curmudgeonly in my old age, it is because they hope people will spend more and get the economy moving again. Also, with sales tax, they can hand on much of the cost of collecting it to the business owners instead of govt employees.

Be that as it may, I can only control my personal economy. I continue to be one of those scrooges who are sitting on their bank account and deepening the recession. I did a little stockpiling last week before the prices went up, of toothpaste and canned tomatoes. I was looking for a double bed to buy, but couldn't find one I liked.

The changover of prices is a major hassle for retailers. My local supermarket has a notice up saying problem postponed over the weekend. At work, like many other places, the owners have decided to take the opportunity to review prices and stocktake. Much of my day today was taken up counting tubes of buttons (yes, every button had to be counted) and deciding whether the price should be rounded up another 5 cents. This is important skilled work, bud - you need a university degree for this. My poor back is aching after standing all day on a concrete floor.

More power to your elbow

July 5th, 2010 at 06:44 am

There was a line crew working down the street today. One guy was up in a box trimming overhanging branches away from the lines. Three others leaned on shovels, apparantly waiting to bury him if he got electrocuted. No wonder my power bill is so high.


February 26th, 2010 at 05:54 am

feels like this week has rushed by. On Wednesday we all got such a surprised when the shop manager announced she was quitting next week to go to University. She has been getting a lot of grief from head office so I'm not really surprised she's leaving, but I don't know that rushing into a big student loan is the best long run decision for a single mom with three kids. But perhaps she'll get a high paying job and it will all work out. She's a nice person, just stressed out from all the hassles, and I wish her all the best.

Now, I have been asked to consider whether I want to take over the manager's job. In many ways it is a nice job and offers the right hours, but having seen how the company can treat its staff, plus the pay offered is pretty low, I'm looking to move on myself.

It's a great thing to have money saved up. It means I can take my time looking for the right position and not have to rush into something regrettable because I need the money.

All the students are coming back into town and the businesses are lined up to offer them freebies. As I was coming back home across the campus a young chap offered me a free bottle of ginger beer. So now I'm going to put my feet up and relax with a drink.


February 19th, 2010 at 06:24 am

I have been talking to my dr and as I handled the extra hours over New Year well, he agrees I can start looking for 30 hours a week again. This is officially a full time job, so I am now transferred from the sickness benefit to the unemployment benefit. No change in financial circumstances as the amount paid is the same, but to say I'm unemployed implies a temporary situation whereas when I'm sick I get very depressed thinking I'm going to stuck like this. Anyway, I met with a work broker today to discuss a work plan, It won't be easy with so many still out of work, but I have an advantage in that I am already doing 2 pt jobs. I think I will look for retail work instead of going back to office work as I really enjoy working in the wool shop.


October 27th, 2009 at 05:43 am

I really don't think nz$5 is all that expensive for a knitting pattern because you can use it any number of times, or resell it on trademe. But people grumble about the price.

This afternoon a customer asked me if they could take away a pattern and photocopy it!! When I got over my surprise I explained that wasn't possible because of copyright law and she went off muttering. When I looked again, she was sitting at the pattern table with pen and paper, copying out by hand!!!

Well, what can you do? the customer is always right and this one spends a lot on wool, so the manager said to leave her. But honestly, if you're that set against paying for a pattern why not look in the thrift stores or borrow a book on designing from the library and create your own.


August 8th, 2009 at 05:46 am

So we are heading into spring and with the warmer weather, people are not buying as much wool. The word has come from head office that hours are to be cut back, so I will only be working Saturdays at the wool shop now. However we get a lot of tourists in summer and they like to buy New Zealand wool, so hours may pick up again. At least for the meantime, I will be able to go to creative writing classes again.

I have done my sums and will be able to still save $100 a month.

Incentive to work?

June 30th, 2009 at 03:17 am

I have been asked if I will work 2 days at the shop, and I'm happy to do that, but the math really sux. Above the nz$80 a week limit, I pay secondary income tax of 22 cents in the dollar, then WINZ deducts 70 cents in the dollar from my benefit. I am left ONE single dolar better off for every extra hour I work - and that's before I've paid for busfare and pantyhose. I shall still do it, because of getting a reference, but I feel like writing a letter to the Prime Minister asking him if he thinks this situation encourages people to help support themselves by working.

Bank on it

June 29th, 2009 at 06:54 am

Today I worked both jobs. Boy am I pooped. But it's nice to be asked to work extra hours. At the shop this morning I was asked to bank the last 2 days of sale takings - great thick envelopes stuffed with $20 bills. I was glancing over my shoulder the whole way in case someone was stalking me. I was also considering whether I could claim expenses for 10 cents worth of shoe leather, when lo and behold! outside the bank I picked up a 20 cent and 2 10 cents.

Today we were putting away all the sales stock. i was cheered to realise how much was left and that it will all go out at the next sale. I won't be in such a rush to buy at a sale again - there'll always be another one.

On my way to the church cleaning job I stopped of at the little Asian grocers and bought 1.5 kg apples for nz$2. That is a very good price. Apples and all fruit have gotten real expensive.

My addiction

June 20th, 2009 at 08:05 am

I worked extra hours this week because of the sale. I spent all the extra money earned in the sale. 65 balls of wool. Nearly nz$100 worth. 16 white, 20 black, 20 earth tones, 8 purple and one striped sock wool. All 100% wool and very good value - if I needed it all.

I tell myself it is for gifts to knit for other people and for charity. I tell myself I haven't got a white cardigan so I need to knit one. I tell myself I won't be spending money on other things if I am sitting peacefully at home knitting.

Who am I kidding? I have a massive stash already. It will take me at least 2 years knitting to get thru it. Why do I keep buying yarn and then not get round to using it. I am addicted to the thrill of fondling the lovely balls, the planning of a new project, the excitement of casting on a new garment. Once I get finished I lose interest. I have knitted literally hundreds of jerseys and kept very few of them.

I make resolutions to not buy any more yarn until I have used up my stash. This week my resolve crumpled again. My stash is bigger than ever. The pleasure I get from knitting is beginning to be spoiled from worry about the money I am wasting. My hobby has gone thru passion to become an addiction.

There are no twelve step groups for compulsive yarn buyers. All knitters are stash hoarders and enable each others habit. Working in a yarn store is the worst environment for an addict. Everyone there only works to support their habit and spends more than they earn on wool.

My last remaining excuse is that if I didn't keep my fingers busy knitting I would be a chain smoker. There, I'm feeling virtuous again. It's good for my health.


May 16th, 2009 at 05:22 am

It's that blessed debit card that does it. When I have only a little cash to spend i am careful because i don't want to get any more out, but since my pay went it the debit card keeps telling me - go on - only $6.00 for lunch; you've got $300 in your checking account, you can afford it. I guess I can because the bills come out of another account, but there are things I am planning to buy, like a new coat, and frittering my money away stops me reaching my goals. I only spent nz3.20 in cash today, on a needle guage which I'd planned to buy, but nz20.00 went on junk food and other junk. I'll have to stop carrying the plastic fantastic.

At work we were tearing the covers off the old knitting magazines to claim credit, and the manager told me I could take them home if I liked, so long as I didn't sell them to anyone. So now I have a fresh load of patterns - the trouble is I want to buy a fresh load of wool to knit them all. Hmm, I can see I am going to be spending a lot of my wages in the shop.

It never rains...

May 1st, 2009 at 07:36 am

...but it pours. Today I got offered a second job, working at the LYS (local yarn store) on Saturday. I hope I can cope with 2 part time jobs, but there is a chance I may be offered more hours at the yarn store, in which case I will let the cleaning job go. In the meantime, I think it will be enough to see me through the winter (always a difficult time for me)

My mouse decided to celebrate by dying on me, so purchased a new one for nz29.95. I also thought I would buy myself a little treat, so went to a cafe I haven't been to before. A club sandwich and a long black cost me nz8.20. Ouch! I'll stick to a samosa from the Indian takeaway in future.

All spick and dandy

April 21st, 2009 at 05:47 am

My church is looking for someone to clean. Just a few hours a week, but one must start somewhere, so I volunteered to spend the next week doing the cleaning. If it works out I should get the job.

and thereby hangs a yarn

April 3rd, 2009 at 06:30 am

I put in another p/t job application today, working at a yarn store. I would love that job, although it doesn't pay very much. But I would have to watch I don't spend all my money on knitting supplies.

At the moment I'm knitting baby clothes for Pregnancy Help, but the wool was all donated.

Job hunting

March 24th, 2009 at 03:03 am

i put in 2 p/t job applications today. One as a radio station receptionist, the other conducting phone surveys. I have a feeling in my bones I'll get the latter. Yes, I'm going to be one of those annoying people who ring you up at dinnertime and ask you about your opinion of different brands of dog food. But if I don't get a job soon I'll be the one eating dog food.

A Stitch in time...

July 2nd, 2007 at 09:52 pm

...saves nine, as granma always used to say. I was so peeved about that library fine, I took a couple minutes to sign up to

Text is and Link is I'd been told some time previously this was available and kept meaning to get round to it. Procrastination has cost me money!!
Those of you bothered by returning books on the due date, check to see if your local library is linked to it.

I have been told of a free community college course I am eligible for, doing computing. i thik I'dlike to get my typig speed up to 60wpm with less errorrs!!! Owing to the lack of flexibility in all my joints and limbs this may be difficult, but there are good jobs out there for speedy typists. I also want to do web design, MYOB and payroll. that should get me a wider range of temping jobs. I found a free trial version of TypingMaster, the same one used by the college, so am practicing 30 minutes every day at home. The advantage of going down to college is someone else pays for the heating!!

Trying to stay in fashion

May 28th, 2007 at 08:41 am

Now as a thrift store habituee I must admit I don't pay much attention to fashion, I just buy what I like. But a couple of gentle hints have been dropped that I am a little bit - uh, showing that I'm now in late youth and still wearing the clothes that were popular in my - trendier years. Important to dress for success if I'm job hunting! And since losing weight I need new clothes anyway.

So I decided to spend some time browsing the Main Street stores, then I'd know what to look for - in the thrift stores, of course. Well! I found some of the clothes pretty enough, but the prices! Oh me, my wallet would have a heart attack if it had to pony up over nz$20 for a few flimsy bits of material poorly sewn together. Some of those things look like they will become shredded rags the first time they are laundered.

So I left the teenagers to it and checked out the higher end of town, where the succesful business women shop. Now there was some really nice stuff, well made - but nz$120 for a simple black top with some beads sewn on? Reminds me of when I was a teenager; we used to get a plain T shirt and applique or embroider a motif on it ourselves rather than pay for a fancy one. Now I still have some cheap jewellry from India, so I was thinking I will just get a basic top and sew the beads on myself - come to think of it, why not just wear a plain top with a pretty necklace? You wouldn't need to worry about beads coming unsewn and blocking the pump!

I don't think I'll spring too much for a new wardrobe until I know what sort of job I get, but best dressed working women I know told me to go for basic black with a few solid colors - much easier to coordinate and saves time having to make deicsions. In the meantime I've borrowed Trinny and Susannah and Stacy and Clinton from the library as they haven't yet arrived at my front door with $$$ and a team of stylists to make me a knockout.

Oh and a NS day - second in a row - plus I found 80 cents.

Job hunting

May 14th, 2007 at 09:29 pm

Got two "thankyouforyourapplicationweregrettotellyouyouhavenotbeensuccesful" letters, so am feeling a bit blue. I really thought I had a good chance at the bookstore one in particular.

It costs me each time I make an application: nz$1.40 for an A4 envelope and stamp, plus the ink and paper for printing out CV and letter. Then busfare to an interview - unfortunately job hunting costs are not reclaimable from Work and Income.

Previously when I kept myself busy with volunteer work I was given a small allowance for travel and lunches, but this is no longer payable to the unemployed, only to sickness and invalid beneficiaries. I'm tempted to write to the Minister of Social Welfare and ask him what genius came up with that idea. I would have thought it better to encourage unemployed to at least do something.

Ah, it's not just the lack of job and money that's getting me down. I'm missing ds and also grieving for dad. Also coming into winter here and that can be cold, damp and miserable. So I had a dig thru my stash and pulled out some bright red wool to knit myself a cheerful scarf.