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More money

August 28th, 2010 at 07:01 am

The interest rate on the account my FFEF is in is increasing .25% to 3.75% pa. This gives me another dollae a month income on my current balance. I'm not going to spend it, but leave it to keep up with inflation.

Caller display ditched

August 24th, 2010 at 06:30 am

Today I cancelled Caller ID. I don't use it much anyway, as several of my friends have private numbers, so I often don't answer and just let people leave a message. Anyway, I worked out that at nz$2.50 a month, at current after tax interest on my new FI a/c, I will have to save $1,000 to be able to afford it in retirement. Am now looking round and calculating how much I need to save for various other unneccessary expenses. About nz$6,000 to afford coffee and tea... another way of looking at the latte factor.

Two new goals

August 20th, 2010 at 06:56 am

I am giving myself a little pat on the back for reaching all my 2010 goals before the end of the year. Now I get to set new ones before New Year.

As this blog is supposed to be about my journey to Financial Independence, I opened a new account today and am going to place nz$200 a month into it, just for the purpose of investing. It pays 4% pa which is not brilliant after tax on the interest, but there are not that many safe income type investments around in this country. With all the finance company failures, it's no wonder people prefer to buy real estate. I don't want to be a landlord, so while the cash is building up, I shall research investments.

My other goal is to do some renovations on my home, especially the kitchen. I estimate it will cost me about nz$10,000, and can put about nz$150 a month toward that.


August 19th, 2010 at 04:12 am

The street light just down from my house has gone out. I could have run the city council but didn't bother. Last night someone took advantage of the darkness to steal my letterbox. Too many drunken students round here who think that sort of thing is a prank. I'm thinking of nailing up an old beer crate in its place. And I'll start being the sort of citizen who rings up the council and complains.

The little engine that could

August 16th, 2010 at 07:17 am

I knew I could I knew I could...

save up nz$5,000 in my travel fund

chuff chuff chuff...

I'm spending next July in Britain


Doctor visit today

August 11th, 2010 at 06:30 am

Not because I was sick but he likes to see me when my prescriptions need renewing. nz$30 for the signature and $9 to the pharmacist. Happily all three medecines are subsidized. Then in the afternoon I was called in to work at the shop becuase someone else had gone home sick. So I earned the money back.

Winter is the time for

August 8th, 2010 at 05:41 am

kiwifruit. I bought 8 zespri or golden kiwi for nz$1.60, and sliced up a couple with some chopped pear (also cheap this time of year) and soaked raisins. I feel I am doing my part to ward off the winter blues.

Walking round money

August 5th, 2010 at 06:58 am

Another pay day and I still had nz$25.20 left in my wallet. Go me! On my way to the bank I found another .20 cents so put $10.40 in my House a/c. The other $15 is sitting in a separate compartment of my wallet in case I need to take a taxi or suddenly decide to do something spontaneous or someone suggests lunch or or or ... any one of a thousand things.

I read somwhere it's a good idea to carry a $100 with you at all times to help you feel prosperous and so you can learn to trust yourself with money. I would be worries I'd blow all that cash so I usually stick any extra in the bank, but I know I can always get it with my card. I hate taking money out of the bank, so it's usually safe. Mind tricks, but they keep me solvent.

With interest

August 1st, 2010 at 09:21 pm

So my $5,000 Ef is sitting in an online account and - tada! it earns $10 interest every month. I feel I am finally becoming financially independent. all I have to do is repeat the saving 100 times and I will have $1,000 a month coming in. Rich, I tell ya, rich.

I'm weird

August 1st, 2010 at 07:20 am

They say never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. i was looking for dinner ingredients today and I had nz$4 to spend. I wound up with sardines, rice crackers, five bananas and .30 cents change. I justify it by saying I saved on electricity by not cooking.