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August 22nd, 2008 at 11:40 pm

Unfortunately I have been unwell again and have had to quit my job. At least I have managed to save up enough to put me in a good financial position for the next few months, and hopefully I will get back to work in the New Year. In the meantime I am being veeerrry careful with the cash - no more buying coffees as I'm always tempted to buy a nice little ginger slice or sandwich or other goodie to go with it. The coffee alone costs nz$3. But I did buy a whole crown pumpkin for $1. Funny thing, I would never eat it when I was little, but now I know why nana served it so often. I have plenty of rice in the pantry as well, so I may get a little sick of pumpkin risotto. I have nz$4.20 in my pocket and no plans to buy anything other than milk until Wednesday.