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Day 246

February 18th, 2019 at 08:59 am

property taxes nzd354.49

I am starting to sort some of my older books, and those I'll probably never read, to donate to the Regent book sale in June. My goal is to fit them all into one bookcase in my living room. At the very least, get rid of one for every one the comes in (library book sale coming up soon.)

I am looking into a new way of saving money - when you save on a purchase at a sale or by using vouchers, etc, put the money saved into my change jar. I don't want to overdo it from my $20 a week or I will just wind up having to take more money from the bank and I don't see the logic in that - I transfer any money left in my checking to my EF. But I will make a game of trying to get as much as possible for a lower price and see how much I have left over.

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