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Day 179

November 22nd, 2018 at 08:21 am

Breakfast this morning was oatmeal and sultanas soaked in soy milk. At lunch I wasn't very hungry so just had an orange and a few gluten free crackers. For dinner I cooked my favorite: pasta, red peppers, canned tomatoes and half the last can of chickpeas. I prepared the usual amount but it was too much. I couldn't finish it. After meditation I had a handful of cashews and dried cranberries. My tastebuds are incredibly sensitive now, I can really taste just a little bit of sugar or salt.

I walked into town and had photos taken for my visa application, 19.99. Why do official photos always look like criminal mugshots? A friend saw it and said "That doesn't look like you!" Either she or the camera is lying. I also went to Veggie Boys and bought:
broccoli 1.99
potatoes 1.04
avocado .99
I decided not to continue with the All Saints produce bag as I like choosing my own produce. Also All Saints tend to be a bit limited in their variety.

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