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Day 143

October 17th, 2018 at 01:19 am

In $289.13

flour $1.59
pasta 75 cents

I have been reading about the six jars method of handling your money by T Harv Eker. I'm always looking for more efficient ways to handle my money so will give it a try for the next 6 months. But with the system I'm already using, I can only put $5 aweek from my misc $20 into the jaars, plus my loose change.

I dickered with the amount going into the jars. There didn't seem much point in having a Neccesities jar when I'm already budgeting for that outside of the jars, whereas I really want to beef (oops I mean tofu) up my Financial Freedom jar. So my allocation is:
Financial Freedom 50%
Long Term Savings 25% this is going into my Trans Siberian fund
Education 10% I am saving for recorder lessons
Play 10%
Give 5%

At the moment I have a total of $14 in my jars.

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