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Net gain

September 3rd, 2011 at 05:20 am

I thought my broadband seemed slow. I'm on a plan that allows me to use 1 gig (I don't download much) before reverting to dialup speed. Now the ISP has sent me a letter saying their little whizzometer has miscalculated the amount I've been using over the last six month. Their apologies and they're crediting my account with nz$66 Smile

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  1. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    At least they apologized and gave you a credit.

    My one is ISP 5G age pensioner and home phone included but no mobiles calls these are extra. I like ISP one's that go back to dial up speed then you don't get an unaffordable bill like some people do! I never used more than my limit of 5G so no problem here.


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