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Sale away

June 23rd, 2010 at 06:36 am

There's a sale on at the yarn shop. It's good because I get extra hours, but it's hard being surrounded by lots of lovely cheap wool and seeing it all walk out the door, wondering if there'll be any left for me. I keep wanting to buy, buy, buy but I am staying focused on my goals. The only purchase i have made is 3 balls of black silk laceweight, because it's hard to come by, especially at nz$4.50 a ball. It's for a special gift for a friend at Christmas, so it's budgeted for. And I bought a new cable needle because I lost mine.

I must make time to visit the wool shops when I go to Britain. I will buy something really special as a souvenir.

1 Responses to “Sale away”

  1. Miclason Says:

    You work in the land of temptation?? I avoid yarn stores... I'm weak!

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