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June 4th, 2010 at 07:13 am

I was waiting at the intersection going home, when I saw just down the road a young man trying to cross regardless of blaring horns and screeching brakes. He miraculously got across in one piece and went directly to - the ATM. Now come on laddie. The two minutes it would have taken you to walk to the crossing and wait for the light to change were surely well taken and better than risking life and limb for a few dollars in your pocket immediately. Noone ever died because they were without cash for 5 minutes.

Now all you writers out there, what is the story behind the young man and his desperate desire for dollars. I'll start.

His girlfriend had just walked out on him and he had to get flowers for her before she went back to her ex. He arrived at the florist 2 minutes before closing time and then remembered his wallet was empty. Hence the desperate dash.

Moral: always carry a credit card.

Well, no, that's not the message I want to promote on this blog. I'm sure somebody can do it better. Waht are your ideas?

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