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Frugal February

February 2nd, 2010 at 06:37 am

Here's an idea I read about ages ago. Since this is the shortest month make it one where you spend as little as possible. We're talking basics here; only groceries, utiliities, transport and health care. Keep the eating out and movie going till later in the year after you have saved up a comfortable cushion. I reckon I should be able to save 50% of my income this Feb. This is where the scrooge genes I inherited from grandma come into play.

2 Responses to “Frugal February”

  1. miz pat Says:

    you know, this is a good idea. Lent for me is starting some time this month. Because I'm diabetic, I don't think I can do a typical fast, but I'm going to try to give up red meat and dessert and eat simple healthy things. Let's see how much I can save.

    Good luck. I hope I save at least $800 toward's the paying off of the spouse.

  2. Carol Hardie Says:

    Yes,a great idea,i too am going to have one red meat meal a week,eat more Bean's and Lentil's and Vegee's,and fruit,i'm trying to do the $21.00 challenge from Simple Saving',just living off of what is in my cupboard's,good luck with your Frugal February.

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