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Free lunch

January 25th, 2010 at 06:18 am

The cornmeal curse continued last night with me boiling dry the beans, but didn't burn the pot too badly.

I went to the art center where I remembered I still owed them some money for jewellry materials. Noone could figure out the exact amount so I gave them nz$9. Now I can say truly I don't owe nuttin' to nobody.

They played a movie at lunchtime and provided food to eat, club sandwiches and sausage rolls. Very filling so I didn't eat much for dinner, just a couple salad bananas for 30 cents. Now I have 60 cents left in my purse and don't intend to take out any more till Wednesday.

3 Responses to “Free lunch”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    What are 'salad bananas?' Don't think I've heard that before......

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    LOL. How much cornmeal do you have left? I'd be tempted to throw it away, or find a priest to give it an exorcism. Smile

  3. laceshawl Says:

    All the cornmeal is finished and I won't be buying more in a hurry. Salad bananas are the very ripe and bruised ones that are sold off cheaply. So called because you cut the bad bits off and use them in fruit salad.

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