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I threw away 99 cents!

September 10th, 2009 at 02:57 am

I often pick up fruit and veges at a little Asian store not far from me. They are cheap but you have to use them quickly as they sell them near their best by date.

I had some pumpkin in the fridge I was meaning to get round to using. I delayed too long and it turned all soft and slimy. Ugh, I had to throw it away. 99 cents wasted. Maybe I should start doing like grandma and buy my greens every day.

In the meantime, a note to self. When you buy something and don't use it you are throwing money away. Remember that dress you thought you would wear to a party some time and never did? nz$120 thrown away (actually a donation to the Sally Army that time) Always, always, always ask yourself before purchasing whether you are going to truly use it or you just want it. You are going to have to save up $200 now to generate that $1 pumpkin income in retirement.

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  1. lizajane Says:

    I had to throw out a banana today too. It was quite ripe and I usually go ahead and eat them anyhow after cutting out the worst spots, but this one just had gone to far. I try to be careful, but sometimes our best intentions don't correspond with reality.

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