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Spring's on the way

July 27th, 2009 at 07:15 am

My knee is improving so I limped down to the supermarket for bananas. The sky was blue, the sun shining and the temp up to 12 degrees C. There were birds singing and I saw little buds on my neighbors plum tree. Only August to go and then it will be spring! Happy happy.

Down the road I saw one of the young men renting had a for sale sign on his car. Only $nz5000. Just think, if I wanted to use up my EF or use the money I put aside for house painting, I could pay cash for that. Buying another car isn't high on my priority list at the moment, but it's nice to know I could afford one if I want to. As the poet said, how pleasant it is to have money, heigh ho, how pleasant it is to have money.

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