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No spend Sunday

June 28th, 2009 at 02:13 am

I remeber when we first came to this country nearly forty years ago, there was no weekend shopping. There was an old joke about the American who arrived on Sunday and found New Zealand closed. Only the corner dairies were open for people to get milk, bread, icecream and cigarettes. No shops open on public hols, when it was a long weekend like Easter, the shops could be shut for several days. How things have changed. Now every day of the year you can see people stocking up for a siege.

I have fallen into the habit of dropping into the supermarket on my way home from church and picking up something from the deli. I also wander through the mall if I am in town to change my library books (tho I rarely buy anything there.) I have decided to make Sunday a day of rest and give up shopping. I am not going to die if I have to wait 24 hours for something.

ETA I found I had run out of laundry powder but rather than buy some I opted for a rest from laundry as well.

3 Responses to “No spend Sunday”

  1. M E 2 Says:

    From what I understand, 40 years ago, here in America, most everything was closed on Sunday. Blue Laws or some such thing.

  2. Ms. Pearl Says:

    The community I live in (Amish) almost all restaurants and shops are closed except Walmart and the handful of fast food shops across the county.

  3. tightwad kitty Says:

    When I worked in retail over 40 years ago; we had to work 5 days a week and only got public holidays off and our annual holiday if you lasted in the job. This would have been around the 1960-61 Recession time here. We worked Monday to Friday 8.15am - 4.40pm and 8.30am - 11.30am on Saturdays after which everything closed until Monday. So no Sunday shopping here then either!

    I still dont remember how some were able to go shopping for their own food and clothing or hair cuts if you worked in retail as if the shop was open you worked as all jobs were full time. I was lucky as my mother did the shopping in those days. 45 minutes lunch break if you were lucky!

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