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My $21nz a week challenge

March 16th, 2009 at 07:00 am

So I was checking out the blog of this lady who bought food for $1US a day.

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It absolutely would not be doable for me to do $1nz a day unless I ate only rice and potatoes, but I recall hearing on The Money Man that it is possible to get your groceries down to $nz21 a week, so I'm going to give it a go.

The usual start-wit-no-food-and-buy-a-dollar's-worth-a-day strikes me as a bit artificial. Most folks would have a few necessities like oil, salt and flour in their pantry. I don't go for the argument that you need a car and storage space to buy in bulk either. In India you see women walking 5 miles home from market with 25 lbs of rice or beans on their heads. Anyway, this is not just a 30 day trial, but will go as long as I can make it work. So I'll start with what I have at home, which is
frozen mixed veg
pea flour
herbs and spices
baked beans
old fashioned soup mix
can tomatoes

That should keep me going till the weekend. I spent $16.30 already, so put $4.70 aside in case I need more milk. Hmm, I can see already I'm probably going to have to give up drinking tea and coffee. I shall be amazed if I can do this as the experts at the University announced earlier this year it costs nz120 a week to feed an adult.

I actualy didn't need to cook dinner tonite as we had a lunch at Artsenta and I am full of sausage rolls and tomato sandwiches.

1 Responses to “My $21nz a week challenge”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    how many people are you feeding? i always have fun making menu's out of other peoples pantry stock lists.
    i would make:
    fried rice (frozen veges & rice, an egg)
    lentil dahl (lentils, spices, pumpkin, potato, carrot)
    omellete (eggs, zucchini, celery
    vege pasta dish (veges, tinned tomatoes, pasta)
    soup (leftover veges & soup mix)

    i would probably buy a loaf of bread and have toasted baked bean sandwhiches one night too, then have some bread toasted with the soup, and probably oats or toast for breakie. Smile

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