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12 months later

December 31st, 2007 at 06:05 am

I will probably be the first to bid farewell to the old year and see in the new, so time to sum up the year's achievements and consider what lies ahead.

Balance sheet
Cash 44
Check 22
Bill payer 385
House repairs fund 185
Online a/c 317
Emergency fund 3,400

Difference from 31 Dec 06 - saved 779. In addition I paid 1040 into retirement savings. So from a piddling income of just under 12,000 I saved 15%. I am quite chuffed with myself.

I didn't reach my goal to have 5,000 saved in the EF but that was because I had an emergency! Despite the difficult year, things have improved overall. Next year I will be wanting more liquid funds to cover expenses of selling and buying a new home and shifting. I also have 5,000 in the Credit Union for a trip to Britain. It looks like it will be a year of blackbelt tightwadding and one month of living it up in July. I am going to blog more often to keep me on track, maybe start listing my daily expenses. Today was a no spend day apart from .20 donated to a charity box.

2 Responses to “12 months later”

  1. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    Happy New Year from over the ditch.

    Both of us will be doing a year of blackbelt tightwadding on limit incomes. I hope to post daily also! I need to stretch money so that I can save money to spend on house maintenance in the way of painting outside etc.


  2. davera Says:

    Happy New Year's to you and all in the Land of Kiwis downunder! Or New Zealand, as it's known and loved here. I'll never forget my weeklong hike with my daughter on the Milford Track. Absolutely breathtaking. I knew it was a fitting setting for the Lord of the Rings even back in the 1990's.

    Good job for 2007. Looking forward to your updates on your blog for 2008.

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