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El Cheapo rules!!

July 1st, 2007 at 08:35 pm

I impressed myself with the end of the month's tally:

Income 1,005.33 (keep picking up all those pennies!)

Expenses 388.73
Household/toiletries 7.90 (Hurrah for vinegar and baking soda)
Groceries 64.70 (but now all staples in pantry are used up)
Eating out 9.80
Transport 10.00 (used only invalid's discount bus pass)
Clothes 1.20 (very happy about this - great pair of shoes, hardly worn)
Donations 8.00 (still have to make regular contribution to church so that will put total up)
Misc 39.50 (I wasted .90 on a library fine and 5.50 on bank fees because I let the balance slip below the required limit for free checking)
Power 119.00 (real frosty)
Phone/net 79.18
Home and contents insurance 49.45

If only every month could be like that! - but I did not have to pay some expenses this month such as medical and property taxes, or home repairs. However, now there is 616.60 safely stashed for future contingencies.

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