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June 7th, 2007 at 01:54 am

Goods news is I got my scarf back. And I have another interview tomorrow.

Sad news is an old school friend's brother has died. I went to look for a nice card - I cannot believe the prices. Just a blank with a nice picture so I could write inside cost up to nz$5. Well, how to do the decent thing as a human being without drinking milkless tea for the rest of the week? I have got Publisher so could make my own card, but
i) I don't like the cheap look of paper compared to heavy card
ii) I guess so many people have switched to making their own or sending ecards, that's why they're getting more expensive.
Then I thought of making some stationery with a pretty border and writing a sympathy letter instead. I turned up a webpage of quotes and found a Chinese proverb that says:
You can only go halfway into the darkest forest, then you are coming out the other side. I added some lines of my own about my memories of him, and went to print it -
oops, run out of ink. When I went to the computer store, the guy said for some reason the cartridges were hard to get lately. Bye bye nz$18.
Compared to losing a dear brother, it's nothing to complain about.

2 Responses to “Expensive”

  1. annab Says:

    Just write a letter. I rarely send cards -- I have a box of plain stationary that I use for that purpose. It's going to be the sentiment that matters, not the photo on the card. Whoops (just read the end of the post!) A made card is nice too!

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Scrapbooking is a huge hobby and cardstock, all manner of embellishments are easy to obtain. I also make pressed flower cards which are beautiful and cost only time to make. (click http://www.prettycheapjewelry.com to see some garnet colored bougainvilliea cards in my shop)

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