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House value

May 30th, 2007 at 03:15 am

I got sent an email from a property valuers informing me that the average property value in my area now sells for over nz$260,000,- so if I'm thinking of buying or selling, please contact them.

Mmmm, on my local body taxes demand I'm still valued at nz$128,000 from 2 years ago. I'm happy with that, as I don't want my taxes going up any higher, but I'm thinking I ought to check the replacement value on my insurance.

I don't think my place will be worth anything like nz$260,000 tho - it's just a comfy little 2 bedroom with a nice view. There are a lot of apartment buildings and renovated big villas around which are going like hotcakes, so I think that's what's driving the average up. In any case, I don't really count my house value as part of my net worth or retirement savings. Yes it's nice to know I can tap into some equity if needed, but I still have to pay the loan back - so no plans for borrowing apart from necessary repairs.

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