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Manifesting money

March 7th, 2007 at 08:29 pm

I have been reading all about mind power and visualizing to achieve your goals for some time, but it always seemed such a complex thing I never kept it up for long. But yesterday I came across this website

Text is and Link is which outlines demonstrating increasing amounts of money in steps. Well, I decided it should be easy enough to demonstrate a dollar, so sat down and contemplated that for 5 minutes. Then I went for a walk and found coins totalling $1.20! Woohoo, I'm a Master at the first level! Now on with manifesting 10 dollars.

ETA: I just had the thought to check a compartment of a purse I don't often use - and waddya think - I FOUND TEN DOLLARS INSIDE!!!!

5 Responses to “Manifesting money”

  1. nance Says:

    Hey, you can work your way up to winning the lottery!

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I would like to pronounce the practice hocus-pocus, but it would be unfair do do so without reading the webpage. However, a quick look failed to engage my interest. Seemed boring.

    Have you ever been drowning in the ocean and envisioned with all your heart a boat coming and someone pulling you out? I bet many drowned sailors have. Have you ever been a homeless victim of war, starving, and trying to walk by night to the safety of a refugee camp and envisioned being fed and reunited with family? I bet many people dead along the road have wished for it with their whole heart, for a lot more than five minutes. Fixing on the dream just doesn't do it.

  3. MsSuperSaver Says:

    Actually, according to Viktor Frankl, Norman Vincent Peeale, Catherine Ponder, Wayne Dwyer, et al, it does. Good luck Lace...let us know how your experiment works out!

  4. Fern Says:

    I think it's a shame that the guy behind this website is taking some really great concepts about positive visualization and such and turning it into "if you think about $$, you will get it...literally."

    I'm a fan of Wayne Dwyer and Peale and that group, but i don't think their advice was ever intended to be used as some kind of get rich quick scheme.

  5. tinapbeana Says:

    while i personally don't believe in the 'power of visualization' (aka the secret as it's being touted now) i DO believe in the power of positive thinking in that you put yourself mentally in a place to be open for opportunity. in your case, lace, had you not been vizualizing and focusing on finding money, would you have taken your books to sell them? would you have looked for cash on the lotto ticket counter? if nothing else, the system works if it puts you in a state of mind to be open to new ways or avenues of bringing in money. good luck!

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