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No spend days

February 12th, 2007 at 08:26 am

Ran out of cash on Saturday except for the change jar. I was determined not to get some more from the bank, so have been entertaining myself by knitting, gardening, and looking for recipes to use what was in the pantry. You know what, I haven't missed going round the shops at all, and am feeling quite proud of myself. Makes me wonder how often I have bought something just becuase the money was in my pocket. I reckon I could go for quite a long time paying for just food, keeping a roof over my head, essential transport and medical expenses. I have no desire to rush out and see the latest movie, or even hire a DVD - I am quite content to wait until it shows on TV. I will admit I am fortunate to live in a college town, as I can get to attend free open lectures on various subjects, and concerts performed by music students. Mostly tho, I just enjoy sitting round chatting with friends at potlucks. Seems like so few people have time to do that anymore - all working flat out to pay for their toys and restaurant meals.

My designated day for withdrawing weekly cash is WEdnesday, so will see if I can last till then. Tonight I made cauliflower in peanut sauce.

1 Responses to “No spend days”

  1. kylieb266 Says:

    thats great Laceshawl..
    its a good feeling to not spend money isn't it?

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