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February 1st, 2007 at 07:11 pm

Someone mentioned on the weight loss thread the Basal Metabolic Rate. I worked mine out here

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You are supposed to eat 500 calories per day less in order to lose a pound a week. So I should be eating 1650 calories - probably less as my medication slows my metabolism.

So I need a way of tracking the calories I eat. I use this website

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which not only tells the calories I eat in foods, but gives reports on whether I met my daily nutritional requirements.

Counting calories is like keeping track of your money; you quickly see where the waste is and where you can cut back.

2 Responses to “Calories”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    don't feel like the only option is to eat 500 fewer calories. you could also burn an extra 500 calories while eating the same, or split the difference and eat 250 fewer and burn 250 more...

  2. laceshawl Says:

    Good thinking! My doctor is always urging me to exercise as much as possible, unfortunately I cannot do much beyond walking. I will check out the low impact classes at the YWCA. Or maybe swimming.

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