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Losing weight

January 31st, 2007 at 02:27 am

I have taken up on the Weight Loss Challenge and intend to lose 10 lbs. Actually, I want to lose a dress size, so I have a greater range of clothes to choose from at the thrift stores. I don't mind being 5' 10", but I don't want to be a "big, sturdy lass". Neither do I want to look like a beanpole model, as I don't think it's healthy. Somewhere in between with a few nice curves is where I'd like to fit.

While thumbing through a recipe book, I came across this quote by Liz Hurley. When asked how she kept her figure, she replied, "You just have to want to be slim more than you want that piece of cheesecake or chocolate." Basically it's about keeping your goals in mind, and weighing the consequences of each decision. This is equally true for dieting and saving money.

I'm not in favour in very low calorie diets as they're like too tight budgets. They trigger relapses. You can no more cut out all treat foods than you can deny yourself every desire in order to save money. Extreme crash diets are unhealthy, like neglecting house repairs in order to save money. The best way is to simply cut out the waste in both eating habits and money. And be prepared for it to take time. You didn't get overweight or into debt overnight, so it will take a while to come right.

So my plan is to cut down on fats and sugars, by eliminating cakes, cookies and candy, and fried foods. This doesn't mean I can't have a spoonful of sugar on my oatmeal, or saute mushrooms in a little butter, but the emphasis is to be on grains, beans, fruit and veg, and low fat dairy. As it happens, these are the healthiest foods, and relatively cheap.

3 Responses to “Losing weight”

  1. Lez Save $ Says:

    Hehehe, it's funny...I was just reading about losing weight on the net before I came across your post.

    Check out negative calories food. They are great for filling the stomach and also relatively inexpensive, as well as good for the body.

    There are plenty of naturally sweet food that can serve as desserts. My goal is the same as yours. I want to be able to cut-down on the amount of refined sugars that I take in each day. That means no milk chocolate or white chocolate, however, dark chocolate with 70% cocoa is great.

    Coffee with less sugar and cream. No cakes, but eat strawberries instead. When I crave for desserts...I'm gonna have myself a dark chocolate fondue with bananas, kiwis, strawberries, peaches, and other fruit.

    Good luck and I hope I can make it too!

  2. JanH Says:

    I do so like your approach! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. baselle Says:

    My thoughts exactly...although, remember, us big sturdy lasses can beat other people up for their $20 Challenge money.

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