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Feeling Better

December 31st, 2006 at 09:11 pm

Thanks to the kind comments in response to my previous post, and - ALSO -

I've been totting up last month's spending.
INCOME nz$1437.49

Electricity 134.00
Property taxes 90.21
Insurance 48.78
Phone 47.65
Internet and computer 27.95
Grocery 89.20
Entertainment and Dining out 28.20
Clothes 12.76
House and garden maintenance 25.54
Xmas gifts 39.44
Donation 35.70
Medical 29.00
Bus fares 10.00

TOTAL 618.43
Savings 819.06
Whee! I saved over 50% of my income last month. Maybe I don't need to cut back as much as I thought. I also reflect that much of what I used my savings for was family emergency and house repairs - exactly what it was there for. Plus I didn't touch my retirement savings or go into debt. Last year was tough, but I coped, and I think this year will be a lot better.

Anyone want to see one of those reality shows where people from different walks of life swap places? I'm volunteering to trade with a politician or a Treasury economist for a week Wink

2 Responses to “Feeling Better”

  1. Bookie Says:

    Looks to me as if you managed admirably for the month of December and used your EF appropriately. I'd be happy to save 50% of my income in any month of the year.

    You give lessons?


  2. marymara Says:

    Great job, Feeling better. You rock!

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