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Old Age Cometh

November 14th, 2006 at 07:14 am

so I am preparing. In New Zealand, everyone over 65 is currently guaranteed an income which is roughly equivalent to what I earn now ($nz260 a week). However, with the aging Baby Boomers, there are suggestions the retirement age will be increased or the amount may be cut. i would rather have less money now, while there is still a chance to earn and save more, than have less in my old age when I can't work to supplement my income and my health problems will be worse so bigger doctor's bills.

I redid my budget so I can put aside $20 a week into my retirement scheme. Hopefully that will be over $1000 a year. Alas it all comes out of after tax income; there are no rebates for those who don't have the good fortune to work for an employer who offers a retirement scheme. I don't think the govt wants to encourage us to save; it wants us to keep buying and pay the goods and services tax!
Of course you can bet the politicians made sure their own retirement scheme had a generous dollar-for-dollar subsidy out of the taxpayers' pockets. And when they're retired they carry on with all sorts of perks like free travel. I wonder how many disabled people could live on what a Member of Parliament costs the country.

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