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Expensive piggy bank

November 7th, 2006 at 07:40 am

Since I have been working for one month and the boss says I will be staying to Christmas, AND I have put another $nz100 into savings, I thought I would look round the shops to see what little holiday gifties I would get for people. I had an idea that the best thing I could get for everybody would be piggy banks.

Well, I went into this new gift shop that's recently opened and saw these very eyecatching glittering silver and gold pigs. Big ones. I thought they would be just the thing for my goddaughter, but when I looked at the price I nearly died. would you believe $nz45.95? I thought the idea of having a piggy bank was to save money. Spending all that dough on something to put your pennies in is ridiculous.

So then I thought I would make some myself out of old plastic containers, and glue pictures of flash cars and fancy houses on them, with some glitter. What do you think? Will my loved ones get the message or will they think I'm cheap?

3 Responses to “Expensive piggy bank”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    uuuuhhhh....depends on your crafting skills! Smile
    You can find some decently priced piggers on ebay - just watch out for the shipping charges!

  2. Sunshine Suz Says:

    Have you looked at a Dollar Store? Do you have Dollar Stores there?

    I saw some plastic ones there. You could put a ribbon on them or glitter, etc. Hmmmmm.....sounds like a good idea for my nieces and nephews. Thank you!

  3. DI Says:

    Ebay is a good option, i often find a lot of bargains..

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