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The Govt giveth with one hand

October 25th, 2006 at 06:42 am

and taketh away with the other. I was informed that anyone with an income of under $nz20,000 last year could apply for a $500 rebate on rates (property taxes). As this most definitely includes me, I hurried to get the forms. And waddya think was written on them?

*if your income last year came from a sickness benefit you must declare any rebate recieved as income.*

in other words, Work and Income is now going to turn around and deduct 70 cents in the dollar from me. And they wonder why people stay stuck in the poverty trap.

Never mind. Payday again tomorrow. I still have $8.40 in cash from this week, and food for a couple days.

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  1. Joe W Says:

    I think you're overestimating on how much they'll take back in taxes, making under $20,000 you're either in the 5% or 10% tax bracket. 10% of $400 is $40. They'd probably take back $40 in taxes, if any.

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