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First Week at work

October 14th, 2006 at 02:38 am

Well, i got my first contract thru the temping agancy. 2 weeks of 20 hrs per week. I completed my first week this week, and the office supervisor said I fitted in well and she hoped the boss would ask me to stay on as there was plenty of work for me to do. So fingers crossed. I am getting my first pay next Wed, and will be getting about $50 a week more income after the cuts to the Sickness Benefit are made. My only current extra expenses are $2.60 a day busfare.

I got a quote of $960 to put up new spouting. Not cheap, but a new downpipe needs to be put in and scaffolding hired. I am concerned they may also find some of the facing board needs to be replaced. So I will probably need to take out an equity loan, but I'm not doing it until I have a permanent job.

My friend Dan came round and gave me a hand today stripping paint off the window frame. Nearly all the wood in the house has been painted over and i want to get back as it is lovely timber underneath. Then I will just paint the walls and put rugs on the floor and unbleached calico curtains. It will be a sort of Indian look. Stripping off the paint was really slow and Dan suggested I look at getting a carbide stripper, so I'm off to check out prices.

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  1. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Stripping paint is a horror. Good luck with it. I have seensome pretty awesome results though! Good luck!Smile

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