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One of those months

August 16th, 2006 at 04:06 am

When everyone seems to be demanding my money. I bought a few tools and some curtain material for the house, which I thought I could afford, then i got hit with this glasses bill, plus my dentist just sent me an appointment for the 22nd. I need to pay a $100 subscription for the choir and I have to have some spare cash for going to National Conference on the 25th. Next month I need to put aside $80 for Toastmasters and I was hoping to go visit a friend in another city. Okay, so they're not all necessities; I could just sit at home and count my money instead. However, the work broker just told me about a 6 month project I might be put to work on - data entry. Shall I spend the extra money doing the house up, or should I save for a new car? Ah the pain when there's not enough money to do everything I want. At times like these I am almost tempted to buy a lottery ticket so I can have a few pleasurable days of dreaming.

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