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Bad News, Good News

August 13th, 2006 at 11:36 pm

First, the bad news., because I'm the sort of person who likes to get it out of the way quickly. I decided to do some work on my house while sis was here to help me. Got some bright material and made new drape for the living room. The plan was to pull up the hideous carpet which I have hated since i moved in, polish up the floorboards, and have a nice colorful rug on it. Unfortunately, we found one corner of the room was very damp, and found the basement underneath that spot was also quite wet. What to do? I haven't got an estimate for fixing it yet, but I imagine it will be considerable. I don't know if I should use my Bond money, or take out a home equity loan. I'd rather owe $3000 and have $3000 than have no money at all.
I'm also debating whether it's worth my fixing it up at all, or whether I should sell it in its current condition and move to a more disability friendly house, as I will eventually have to do anyway. I love my little house, and I'm very proud of the fact I bought and paid off the mortgage all by myself, but maybe the time has come to let it go.

The good news is that 3 months ago I found a camera and handed in in to the police. Well, I just got a letter saying it hasn't been claimed so it is now mine. Honesty pays.

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