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My weakness

July 24th, 2006 at 09:05 pm

I admit it, I'm a yarnaholic. I have an entire hope chest stashed with yarn - which is why I signed up with Stashbusters till the end of the year.

But yesterday I caved, looking thru my patterns and thinking about what I could knit for friend's baby. I found the sweetest bootee patterns and - well, gulp, yes, I wound up buying a ball of baby yarn.

But only one ball! and this despite the fact they had a sale on! I bravely walked past all the boxes of novelty yarn and luscious mohair, found exactly what I wanted, paid for it plus a yard of ribbon, and walked out. No stopping to drool. HA! Will power!

Or maybe it's the fact I have a trip coming up next month and i know I have to save for it.

I also used some scrap yarn to knit an ipod cozy for another friend. Oh - wait I don't have any suitable buttons. What to do? Fear not, the local thrift store sells them. And walking into the thrift store what do I see? A whole BAG of baby yarn going for $2. Rats, could have saved $1.50 on my purchase. Never mind, just remeber to check it out first next time.

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