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Another milestone

May 31st, 2006 at 10:03 pm

Adding up all my various accounts for the end of the month

Cash 14
Chq 165
Bill payer 617
Travel 512
House repairs 406
Russia 767
Energency 626
Bonus Bonds 2440

which comes to a total of $NZ5547. There is something very satisfying about passing the 5000 mark.

I have not totalled all the interest received this month, but as interest rates are quite high in NZ at the moment, I am earning 7.4% on the online emergency savings. This month I got $NZ3.03 after tax.

This month there were 5 paydays, which meant I was able to save $600. So I loosened the purse strings a little and had a chai latte with my friend, $NZ3.50. But I did pass on the decadent chocolate slice.

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