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Down to minimum

May 28th, 2006 at 07:18 am

Last night I found another $1 outside the theatre, and this morning I found 5 cents on the way to church (I dropped it in the plate)

The play last night was about some climbers tramped in a hut, and there were some interesting observations about the kinds of things we think we can't do without. It got me thinking about how much i would be able to cut back if there was a real crunch. So I am going to try it for a month, just spending on the bare essentials. I wonder if I can get it down to $NZ500.

I'll be keeping the Internet connection, as email really is essential for me to keep in touch with my family all over the world. Now I'm thinking toothpaste? Cheese? Plenty of people all over the world manage without all sorts of things. However as it's coming on to winter here I don't intend to do without electricity for heating, and the local council would take a dim view of my walking to the reservoir with a bucket on my head and helping myself to water.

So it will be a basic Western amenities existence, but no frills like dining out, movies, and buying knick knacks.

2 Responses to “Down to minimum”

  1. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    Are you planning to use what is already in your house now, or you going to look for something to replace it with! e.g. Toothpaste - bi carb or charcoal. Have fun doing it and good luck.

  2. Bibliobird Says:

    Good idea. I'm doing a no-spend MONTH for June. Allowing reasonable food purchases, but no other shopping. My CC payments haven't been large enough and I want to see another dip in the balance. I'll be reading here instead of online shopping. Best of luck and I'll watch to see your progress.

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