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Freebie Bonanza

April 7th, 2006 at 05:34 am

Today I was in town changing my library books. When I walked past one coffee shop, I was given a coupon for a free cappucino. Then I walked past one of the opportunity shops I don't usually go to because it's more expensive than the others. Well! they had closed for the day because it was the end of the season and they were getting new stock in. And get this: they'd put all the remaining unsold stock out in boxes with a sign saying FREE HELP YOURSELF. So I got some things in my size: a navy skirt and 2 cream blouses which will do for work if I get this job, a pair of grey trousers and a casual sweatshirt. They still had the price tags on them and I would have had to pay $30 otherwise.

Then as I was walking home I found a dollar by the parking meter. It went into my change jar, in which I now have $8.40 (I bank it in my "Travel the Trans Siberian" account every time I get to $10)

To top it off my neighbour came over and asked me to feed her cat for the weekend as she was going away. She had some food in the fridge which she said wouldn't last till Monday, so told me to help myself to the milk and vegies.

If only every day could be like this!

3 Responses to “Freebie Bonanza”

  1. spendless Says:

    Now THAT's a GOOD day!

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    That's GREAT! Days like that are so much fun! Great find on the clothes!

  3. Thrifty Ray Says:

    What a great day for you!!! Thanks for sharing, your post was so fun to read!!!

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