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Millionaire in rupees

November 20th, 2007 at 11:59 pm

Today was a glorious day - the sort where you smile at total strangers and say lovely day, and they smile back and say isn't it. I spent the day idling round. In the morning I seamed the cardigan I knitted. Of course I ran into the Murphy's Law of the button jar, one button short of the 10 I required. I went to the thrift store on the corner and found a dress for $1 which I snipped the buttons off. In the afternoon I went out to the beach with a friend and we sat and watched the surfies doing their thing. My sandal broke as I was walking back, but I was able to fix it with superglue. Had a yummy chocolate icecream for nz$1.50.

This is a very nice town to be in if you are broke. There are free museums, parks and art galleries, and open lectures down at the University. I live a very simple life and am totally satisfied. I keep thinking about when I was in India. If I converted my assets to rupees, I would be a millionaire, and I certainly was compared to the people around me. Even though I was staying on an ashram, living out of one suitcase and eating simple meals of lentils and rice, I felt I had so much to be grateful for. When I got back I was so annoyed with people complaining about how hard life was. I have my little house and I can afford food, clothing and power, and I still have eyes that can see and legs that can walk. There are millions in the world who would love to change places with me. I think even if I won the lottery I would not change much. I could be very happy being financially independent on an income of say, $1000 a month. The one thing I would like to do more of is travel. Not only does it broaden the mind, you feel like there's no place like home when you get back.

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  1. Linda Says:

    Glad you are back, missed reading your posts. I keep track of the price of food here in the U.S. by keeping my grocery receipts and comparing them. I am amazed at how each item will go up 10 to 20 cents in only a couple of weeks. You get a cart load of food like that and you have to fork out a lot of cash. We too, eat fairly simply and I cook all the time. Still it costs a lot to take care of us. Our biggest splurge is an occasional bag of good dark chocolate. I've been buying my yarn and craft stuff at the deep discount stores where its only $1 or $2 dollars a skein so I could keep working on things. Its better than I usually get. Don't think all americans are rich, some of us barely make it. The majority of americans barely make 20 thousand dollars a year. Its only a very few that make the big bucks. But you average those few in and it makes the country look like its people all have money.lol.

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