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Two new goals

August 19th, 2010 at 11:56 pm

I am giving myself a little pat on the back for reaching all my 2010 goals before the end of the year. Now I get to set new ones before New Year.

As this blog is supposed to be about my journey to Financial Independence, I opened a new account today and am going to place nz$200 a month into it, just for the purpose of investing. It pays 4% pa which is not brilliant after tax on the interest, but there are not that many safe income type investments around in this country. With all the finance company failures, it's no wonder people prefer to buy real estate. I don't want to be a landlord, so while the cash is building up, I shall research investments.

My other goal is to do some renovations on my home, especially the kitchen. I estimate it will cost me about nz$10,000, and can put about nz$150 a month toward that.

4 Responses to “Two new goals”

  1. Homebody Says:

    I would be thrilled with 4%!

  2. momcents Says:

    I'm happy that I just tranferred the balance of my money market to an account paying 1.1%

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Nice job!

  4. Jerry Says:

    BEFORE the end of the year? You made it in under 3/4 of the year, congratulations! That is amazing and it should lead to a good deal of satisfaction. I am glad you have some insurance of meeting those additional goals for the rest of the year, so you don't get bored. =)

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